Ücretsiz VR Cubeworld platformer (with remote or gamepad) Güncel 2021**


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Ücretsiz VR Cubeworld platformer (with remote or gamepad) Güncel 2021**

Cubeworld VR Platformer is a VR game with gamepad or with remote

Compatible with most VR headsets and game controllers.

Remotes like daydream controller, occulus go or gear VR remote will NOT WORK. You can use any headset, like vr box which comes with VR remote. Make sure the remote is in game mode,wont work in VR mode.

!! If usingVR remote Please make sure that your remote is connected and in game mode before starting the game.Press @ and B buttons simultaneously and keep pressed for 2 seconds to put your remote in game mode. Hold remote horizontal with both hands!!

100% FREE Game with NO ADS

This game is easily worth 3-4 dollars but Im giving it away for free because I love making good games and like it when people play my games. And there are no ads because ads spoil the experience of games and I personally dont like it when Im deeply involved in a game and ads pop up.

!! Please dont give yıldız review without writing something. I cannot reply if you dont write anything in your review. If youre facing a sorun, please write it in your review so that i can reply and try to solve your sorun.!!

If you have a mesele dont rate it 1star,please tweet to me first @vishesche

Ill try to solve your mesele.

Most common cause of game not working – no gamepad, no gyroscope.

CubeWorldVR is an immersive Platformer Game with well designed levels for Android.
Move and jump on platforms to collect coins and keys to unlock doors which lead to more fun and exciting levels.

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VR Cubeworld platformer (with remote or gamepad) Apk Full İndir

You actually feel like youre inside the game, the controls are easy but the game is fun and özgü just the right amount of frustration to keep you excited. The graphics although simplistic, look incredible in virtual reality.

!! Controller and VR headset Required!!

What you need to play this game :
VR goggles : You need VR Goggles for this game, you can buy or assemble a cheap google cardboard or buy an inexpensive plastic VR Goggle. Many VR goggles are available on sites like amazon, from cheap to expensive.

Bluetooth Game Controller : Many different bluetooth game controllers are available for android. Most should work properly with this game. If you have a playstation or Xbox etc, you can use the bluetooth controllers of your console to play this game.
Simply connect your controller or remote to your phone and configure it in the game itself.

Earphones or Headphones Recommended : This game has üç boyutlu sound which is best enjoyed with earphones or headphones.

This is an early version of the game and will continue to be developed. More new levels will be added to the game in the future.
Please give your honest review on the play store, every review helps.
Enjoy the game and share it with others.



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